About Us

We deliver the most advanced strategies for your business.

Message from the CEO, DR. BAVLY FANUS:

“We strive to identify profitable business opportunities and secure sound business deals for our clients”.

We act as “one stop shop” related to investment solutions and strive to satisfy every need that our clients may have.

Our areas of work are consulting services in business development, project management, recruiting and human resources, financial solutions and trading of construction materials. We also offer legal support to our clients, through our legal team of 20 years of experience. The industries we work in are development of real estate, energy, RES and industrial.

Along with our professional team, I believe we can further increase the size and efficiency of the company. The momentum of our Company has allowed us to introduce to Cyprus one of the leading sustainable energy partner for businesses, serving commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East and South Asia. Our clients solar and energy efficiency solutions enable businesses to reduce energy costs, improve power reliability and lower carbon emissions.

Our commitment to a people-focused approach as well as our uncompromising dedication to quality, ensures that excellence and client satisfaction is delivered. We address challenges from the tender stage, BOQ, comparing costs and prices, approving budgets and materials, business models, and the establishment of the capabilities for ongoing performance improvement. We also offer the services of maintenance and operation of megaprojects looking out for quality, deliver the work on time and in budget).

BFCC has an obligation to its clients to act responsibly, manage risk, and do all that we can to create the best outcomes for the community and the environment.

As an organisation we:

  • Bring success to our clients and deliver results through innovation, quick action, team work and professionalism
  • Operate honourably and with integrity, both with our clients and partners
  • Maintain confidentiality in all of our clients relationships
  • Comply with all governmental regulations and requirements
  • Ensure adherence to AML regulations and guidelines
  • Plan for future growth and ROI
  • Are driven by our business ethos, values and culture

“We combine our in-depth local expertise with global talent to achieve the best outcome on every project”.


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